About Us

Know Your CBD Manufacturer

We think its very important buyers of CBD products understand where their CBD product is manufactured. There are too many suppliers online running from a home-made, back garden or basement.

CBD Control's products are produced in a multiple award winning, highly reputable laboratory based in Switzerland by a team of professionals using a state of the art & unique manufacturing process.


Certificates of Analysis

We are 100% confident in the products we provide, to back up our claims we are able to provide a full certificate of analysis for each of our CBD products, these are certified lab results.

A Certificate of Analysis is carried out in a nationally-registered laboratory that tests substances to determine whether or not the chemical profile is precise, and whether the product is deemed safe for consumption.


Meet Our Doctor

We understand that first time buyers may have many questions about our products or CBD in general, which is why we have provided the ability to speak to our UK based doctor directly via our website using our instant live chat (only available 9am until 8pm).

Our Doctors has over 20 years background in pharmaceuticals and chemsit industry.